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Support The Arts today!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Summer breeze

I have started the work for the exhibit in Milwaukee and its really pushing me at this point. I see what the work is saying and, for lack of a better word it's exciting.

As an artist when I get these revelations it gets to be an addiction I feel the need to be in the studio every minute even right now as I'm writing my mind is jumping to the canvas. Its great to have this creative energy it feels like that cool summer breeze running all over your body.

Now I need to find funding for the time that it's going to take to develop and create the work, if any one has any ideas please let me know.

Don't forget about all the activity going this weekend, exhibit at the Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery
and of course the "one night stand" fund raiser for Radio Arte at the NMMA


Judith Joseph said...

Where are you showing in Milwaukee?

DeLaTorre said...

Hi Judith,

This is an old post but I exhibited at the UCC, they have a Dia de Los Muertos exhibit every year there and I had a solo exhibit which I believe is what I'm referring to here.