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Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to blogging...I guess it helps.

Well here we go I'm back in the studio working on my mural for the elementary school and listening to Amy Goodman and let me ask where is all the good news? I thought we're supposed to be in an era of "change" you know cooperation, all I'm hearing is the same thing. Its not that the people we elected aren't trying but it seems the other side is just is throwing every thing in the way. I mean really lets look at we're some of those guys get there money and what they do with it.

Thats it for that now back to what going on in the studio. I am starting a new series for my solo exhibit in Milwaukee and its off to a good start lots of material to work on but most of it is going to be concerning current events and how they came about.

So now its back to painting and getting a haircut and all the rest of the stuff that goes on around here. and hope for change better yet lets make change!

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