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Support The Arts today!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well here we go again the Swine flu has hit and I can see what's coming I'm not going to say it but we all know what's coming. I guess I should have never eaten that ham sandwich but I was really hungry and when your really hungry you do what you have to do to survive.

The thing is you see something that can sustain you even if it is temporary and your not really convinced that it's the best thing for you well... what are your options. Its not like some one was offering the steak and potato's that they wave around in your face. What I do know about Mexicano's is that we make the best of what we have and thrive doing so. In my case I am very grateful for what I do have and I know one day I will have my "steak" and maybe some potato's.

Well now I am going to continue to create my works and I hope all of you will continue to flourish.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As I drive around in my 1970's Dina "olimpico" bus belching blue diesel fumes and enjoying some Pedro Infante and Tampico cumbia I think to my self what a wonderful world (then I flush the toilet right on to the street). Yes its that time again. its "earth day" the one day of the year people stop dumping garbage because its the right thing to do.

Not that I'm against building a society full of wall street big wigs or pollution spewing factories - hey I'm not even opposed to china building ten coal burning plants a day as long as we have one day a year we all can shut the lights off to save energy we'll be fine.

Okay thats done, lots of things have happened in the last month its great to be back to work at the studio and I feel good about the work I'm producing right now. I am also very grateful to the powers that be for every thing I have been able to accomplish during my time here in Chicago I know that I will continue with my work where ever I end up and thats a great feeling.

So now that I'm trying get myself in a better position and make my move and establish myself in another local I'm looking to lighten my load and raise funds for the move and so if any one out there is interested in works I have in the
studio please let me know I'm sure we can work some thing out.