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Support The Arts today!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Summer breeze

I have started the work for the exhibit in Milwaukee and its really pushing me at this point. I see what the work is saying and, for lack of a better word it's exciting.

As an artist when I get these revelations it gets to be an addiction I feel the need to be in the studio every minute even right now as I'm writing my mind is jumping to the canvas. Its great to have this creative energy it feels like that cool summer breeze running all over your body.

Now I need to find funding for the time that it's going to take to develop and create the work, if any one has any ideas please let me know.

Don't forget about all the activity going this weekend, exhibit at the Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery
and of course the "one night stand" fund raiser for Radio Arte at the NMMA

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey what are you doing this weekend?

All right besides all the hallmark stuff going on this weekend you know with St. V's day this weekend. Here are a couple of fun things. But before that, let's take the time to realize that we could be appreciating our significant other every day of the year and a life-time if that's where your relationship takes you.

I will have some work at an opening at the Ogilvie/Pertl gallery they have been handling some of my work here in Chicago for a while now and they're very nice people. I have also donated a piece from the "Saints and Sinners" series to the Radio Arte fund raising benefit thats happening this Friday at the National Museum of Mexican Art they are charging $20.00 admittance but its for a good cause they are a youth training initiative, so they do great things for the community.

Okay, on another note, I spoke with my good friend Patric McCoy yesterday and he let me know that everyone's friend Pirfirco is still touch and go at Northwestern hospital and now to top it off Dan Parker has suffered a stroke. I just don't know what to think about all this. I am sure that they are both in the minds of the community they helped build and will continue to have lots and lots of prayers said in there names.

I'm looking outside the studio window and I can't believe the river is still frozen. That goes to show you how bitter cold this winter in Chicago has been, unbelievable. Have fun every one enjoy the weather and lets keep sending Pirfirco and Dan that positive energy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

President Obama to the rescue

Well here we go again politics as usual and all can think of is that saying you know "SNAFU" . It was great hearing the President making some sense last night and I'm really glad that he took the argument straight to the people.

And its back to work in the studio I'm trying to get creative with the financial situation cause I can't really cry about it so I'm doing what I know, finishing the projects I have going and trying to get new work out there. It's like the old Mexican saying "canta no Llora" it's the best we can do.

I am also looking forward to my residency with Carlos Estrada-Vega which is coming up fast. Until then I hope every one in Sunnyvale, New York and Tempe are all having a great time and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not your grannies Grammy's

I first of all have to say that my thoughts (and prayers) have been going out to every ones good friend Pirfirco, since last Thursday when a message was sent out to all about his condition.

And of course this brings me to think about...well to put it simply life and whatever comes next. I could go on forever on this but all I'll say time is the most precious commodity we all have and I hope we all can find the best use of it respectively. Thats all.

Now here's whats happening at the studio last Friday I had a visit by some one who's opinion I highly respect and over all it went really well I was very satisfied that he was honest with me not that it was all flattering but I respect the honesty. I'm not sure why sometimes it takes some on else to make you realize what you all ready know but if thats what it takes thats what it takes.

Three things that made me really happy this weekend

1. Knowing that DP will be taking that workshop .

2. Hearing that Octavio Solis's "Lydia" has been received as the brilliant work it is at Yale repertory.

3. Celebrating C. Keenan 50th Birthday ( lots of fun!)

4. Seeing E.T. (he's like a brother) happy with his girlfriend.

5. Getting all my errands done and hanging with my brothers.

Yeah I know that's five but I'm an artist and the math thing, well not so relevant on this blog.

anyways have a happy Monday every one! Oh and despite the title I have nothing to say about the "Grammy's"

Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to blogging...I guess it helps.

Well here we go I'm back in the studio working on my mural for the elementary school and listening to Amy Goodman and let me ask where is all the good news? I thought we're supposed to be in an era of "change" you know cooperation, all I'm hearing is the same thing. Its not that the people we elected aren't trying but it seems the other side is just is throwing every thing in the way. I mean really lets look at we're some of those guys get there money and what they do with it.

Thats it for that now back to what going on in the studio. I am starting a new series for my solo exhibit in Milwaukee and its off to a good start lots of material to work on but most of it is going to be concerning current events and how they came about.

So now its back to painting and getting a haircut and all the rest of the stuff that goes on around here. and hope for change better yet lets make change!