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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Very Own Niagara Falls

Well here I am blogging for all to read and let me tell you its been quite a great couple of weeks. Let me start with the "DeLaTorre Winter Water Falls".

It was a Wednesday one of the coldest days of the year and I took the day to paint on my mural and other things in the studio, well as I was conversing with my neighbor we both hear water running and start (at a fast pace) making our way to my
studio and sure enough there it was, my very own Niagara Falls right on my table with all king of works in progress- as well finished pieces. As I struggled up current to try and save what I could, my neighbor helping as much as she could I had this sudden feeling that I was the luckiest S.O.B. alive if I wasn't in my studio that day all these works and probably much more would have been destroyed as it was there were many casualties but very few fatalities. So there it is I needed some space for it to process but all is well and I am continuing to create.

And for the next episode more adventures with two tonne tow trucks in snowed in alleys.
For now please enjoyed a portrait of one my favorite creatures on the planet.