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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Like the godfather "just when you think your out they suck you right back in". And here we are already its May the beautiful Chicago spring weather has soured as usual but life carries on and of course every thing needs to get done.

You know lately people have been asking me "Luis how do you get all this done?" well let me give you a glimpse into my schedule here it goes.

10:45 wake up hit the snooze (on the cell phone because of course we don't have an alarm clock)
10:45-11:05 - scratch various body parts.
11:06-11:13 (depending on the weather) look at the piles of cloth all around.
11:15-11:30 (there's always a few minutes missing, who knows where they go if any one can tell me please do) I forgot what goes on during this time frame.
11:31-11:45 - Eat my world famous breakfast it used to be bagels but my gut has rebelled and now its usually cereal and a banana.
12:00-12:15-12:35 - walk to the studio it'll take about 15 minutes but in the "spring " I get caught up watching the robins .
12:37-1:03 - ahh the good stuff lunch all the scratching and robin watching has got me hungry.
1:07-1:49 - listen to certain neighbors bitch about various problems and or all their "success"
2:00-3:00 - the stuff you all been waiting ...look at the work in front of me and ponder-what have I done!
3:00-3:31 - Knapp time -don't bother me
3:37-5:00 - get my ass up and do every thing I can to procrastinate .
4:32 - relative calls shouts "are you ready to rock"
4:39- clean up and get stuff ready for more procrastination tomorrow
5:00-6:00 lift heavy weights until I feel my "tripas" sliding down.
6:03-6:17 - argue with bally's personal trainer about why I can't use the heavy bag.
6:19 - watch as bally's personal trainer cries and takes his heavy bag home.
6:21 - baffled at all the conflict.
6:37-6:39 - shower (quickly cause I had my hair just right)
8:00-9:00- novela
9:01-9:43 - check emails and debate weather or not to open up that "European lottery" cause I may have won 3 million euro's
10:03-12:47 - play "Hearts of Iron " a game of world domination.
1:05am - open the "European Lottery" email and type in my SS#.
1:07am - wait for a response .
1:23am - frustrated with no response from "european lottery" I play more "Hearts of Iron" cause I've almost conquered britain.
3:39am- check for any response from lottery.
3:41am- DP gets up to drag me to sleep (by the ear) as I throw a "barinche"
3:47- lay in bed and think about ways I can finally defeat the imperialist pigs we knows as AIG
4:03 - roll over
7:30 - wake up and do it all over again.

Well thats how it all gets done. So come by to the studio this weekend and check out the end result of all this "dismadre" see you all soon.