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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote because it makes you feel good - or at least starbuchs will give a free coffee

Okay so just when you I think I have every thing in order I get hit with " sorry your not in our cards here have you voted here before" how do I respond to that I mean I've only voted there off and on since I was 18 and everyone knows me there and yet we all look at each other and shrug.

The solution "step over to the table over there" yes thats right the table over there they have no idea how this happened but it'll all be straightened out with a
provisional ballot.

A voice goes off in my head - Never ever accept a provisional ballot yes thats right it was my "Tio" Casimiro talking to me. As a young man Casimiro instructed me on the art of voting (in the 9th ward) the first thing you do is look the person behind the table in the eye and you tell them your name as they are looking for you in the list they're sure to make suggestions to you about the vote your about to make don't listen just shrug it off as a joke and if by any chance they can't find your name in the registration rolls and try to give you a provisional ballot tell them why don't you just throw it in the garbage and save me the time.

Yes these things do happen and my issue was easily solved with an actual ballot but imagine all across this country how many people may be going through this situation imagine that all people will probably have there votes thrown away. Even with all this we have to remember its our right and responsibility to vote its not a luxury or a hassle if the people of Iraq stood in lines for hours to cast there votes in clear vision of people who would later menace them then it should be no hassle to get out there and wait 15 minutes to throw in your vote.

Not to mention that this will be a historic day and how exciting has all this been but tomorrow the work begins so lets all be prepared because it will take all our efforts to undo whats happened the last eight years.

Enough of the lecturing I'm off to paint I've been at this cafe for at least an hour and now it's time to get to work lots more to follow as soon as AT&T gets there act together with our DSL.