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Support The Arts today!
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Monday, September 24, 2007

More heat and hot coffee

I love the heat, I love hot coffee unfortunately the two don't mix and trying to force the issue well not a great idea.
Any way I'm back trying to write out my process I have started the piece for Milwaukee and it is going to be dedicated to Sgt. Omar Mora, I am really effected by his story and the circumstance of his life. When and how do stop this absurdness how do we as a society begin to understand that we are undermining the values that this country was founded on or was it all just talk.

More painting....

Thursday, September 6, 2007


The exhibit at Neleh Galleries is set and it looks to be a good one I love the theme of the show
and it will be during Chicago Artist month, the building the gallery is housed in is very different as far as galleries go.

I was called by the Chicago department of Tourism to participate at the airport for their artist month
program so I will need to go into performance mode for a couple of days. I have a lot of fun with peoples reactions to my work. what happens is that they have you painting in front of a crowd and as the work develops people really get involved with the piece some feel that they need to comment others kind of stand there with a look of ... well I don't really know what to call it. In any event it should be a fun time as always.

This new piece is part of the "virgin" series hope you all like it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Here I am again back from the studio I have been through a sleep deprivation and trying to get work started for the exhibits in Milwaukee and Santa Fe and in the mean time the studio is about 116 degrees and seriously humid but some how I will focus and get the paintings going.

I have this concept for the altar in Milwaukee I am dedicating it to the Constitution of the USA I think its a challenging time right now not only for artist but for every citizen of this country. I want to see how people will approach the situation we are facing will we try to regroup and create a better place or will we continue on the destructive path we are on.

The image posted has it's beginning with the use of imagery to sway people. The common image of "la virgin" the established religion has used it to attract and persuade the masses to follow their institution and all that it stands for. I have been contemplating and creating my interpretations of these icons more on the whimsical level but still affecting me on the subconscious level.