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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans day memories of Casimiro Ostrowski

Hello every one I am back to writing and want to introduce everyone to Casimiro Ostrowski or Uncle Casey as everyone knew him. On this veterans day I think its important to remember the people who experienced the brutality of these episodes Casey was one of these people and I say was because he passed away this past week. Let me say first of all the relationship that my brothers and I had with Casey was a very simple one to us he was a father he took us in when we came to this country he really loved my mom and he accepted us as his family.

Saying this is very hard for me for various reasons but that is the reality of the situation. Casey would sit us down and tell us his war stories and how he always felt that no matter how difficult it was you always have to do what you believe is right whether it was going after a platoon of nazi soldiers with a hand full of grenades or follow your aspirations of being an artist.

He was a huge influence on me he instilled his work ethic (he worked as a machinist for 45 years and hardly missed a day) he would always tell me "if you want to become a painter then do what you need to do and paint". Well needless to say he will be missed but I know he will not be forgotten.

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