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Support The Arts today!
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trying to get the work out there out there

I have been trying to get my work out there for the last few years and its been quite the adventure, The other day I attended a lecture entitled "get out of town".

Wow what a crock of shit there was a panel of four Chicago artist's talking about how they made it. Well their work was very unimpressive I'm a painter my visual sensibilities usually are very open but when you see some of the work thats making it well I really have to question the place we are in as a society.

Any way now that I know that I am taking the steps to get out there I feel much better, whatever that means. So my next step is to find a gallery I feel my work fits in and proceed to get drunk with the gallery owner and set up an exhibit. Thats how works according to the panel discussion.

More later I have to get back to the studio, oh also if anybody would like to checkout my new Myspace page (yes thats right I am trying to get the work out there by any means possible) you can link up through my page.

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