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Monday, January 5, 2009

A sign from the gods!

LinkWow ! I hope every had a great 2008 and I wish all a very productive 2009. Now with that said let me tell you our trip to Mexico this year was very eventful the kids are growing to be very beautiful upstanding citizens and the climb up the tepoztlan was very challenging and meditative.

That was the great part and here is the incredible part at the very point of me thinking that it was about time that we just moved to Mexico and away from the absurdity we call the "american" way of life there was an announcement from the captain of the plane saying there was smoke in the cabin of the plane and that we are turning back to make an emergency landing and that of course all will be fine. I don't know about every one else but when you are in an airplane and you see smoke all around you then you feel the sharp left hand turn my mind did not go to "every thing will be fine"
a lot of other things went through my mind at that point of which I will elaborate at a later time.

So that was the situation and now I am sitting at my computer giving you all grief about American Airline Flight 1110 from Mexico city to Dallas and thats the end of that now I will go about creating all the possibilities that I thought about when I heard that announcement.
Much more to come about our great trip but know its off to the studio.

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