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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well besides eating very well on our recent adventure to Mexico (I swear every ten feet there is a vendor selling something thats incredibly delicious) as we went to eat at VIPS. So of the course the dilemma is how much can you pass by with out finally breaking down at the elote stand. I actually did very well I only ate a few these street delicacies along with the usual meals.

And of course the food for thought with all the incredible sights and history of Mexico it always puts me in a mediative mood and I seem to absorb an enormous amount of energy when I see so many different cultures wrapped into one big ball of ... well if your not familiar with the culture its seems like its chaos almost in a state of panic sealed with a smile. All the vendors- where are the buyers? But the vendors all have the same demeanor as if to say even if you don't buy from me I still win because look around you I get to live here and you well you'll go back to where ever your from and all your going to have is the memory of visiting this place.

Yeah thats the the way it is, here I am again back in the cold, gray emptiness that is our great city. And all that meditation all the images of raices, templos and the chaos well that will live
on in mind and of course in the work I will produce.

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