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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Talk about frustration

I suppose it must be frustrating being the governor of one the largest economic states in this country you know all that money flowing in and out and you only making around $100,000.00
give or take a million from the campaign trail.

How did these people in charge get so out of touch with the every day reality of the working class or as they like to refer to theme as "lackeys". I know that there needs to be a structure in this society but I really think that the leaders need to beLink accountable for there actions. I recently heard Senator Dick Durbin speaking about how he feels that George Ryan should have his sentence commuted what message will that send to our sitting governor as he goes through this stage of his career does that mean that he's going to have his sentence commuted as well?

Now on to my frustration dealing with how I'm going to fund my very own "micro-economy".
I am getting all those projects that are the table finishes that means portraits framing and all the other stuff in the studio are in play so if any ones out there that willing to make contribution to my campaign fund now is the time these thing are f%@^*! golden and I'm not going to give them away for F%@^*! nothing.

until next time please keep all your elicit conversations off the phone you never know who's listening.

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