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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hitting for the cycle

I don't know if credit is the new slavery system at this point of history but I have to say its a great start to indentured servitude I mean we all know the trap borrow now- pay later but how much will you be paying back and all terms are up to the creditors but enough of my complaints just look at how the subprime creditors have screwed up the home buying market
2 million families have now lost there homes to foreclosures and more than half of those are families of "color" how many of those families who were told that home ownership is the path to wealth and happiness will make it back to a position to buy there next home and how many will be forced to live in a sub par environment were the kids won't be able or want to focus there education and carry on the cycle of poverty but I guess as long as the US army is there to bail those kids out and discipline them, on to the path of good and righteousness we will all be
just fine .

Well I realize that it is a bit preachy so I will leave that alone and talk more about what I am working on at the studio, next time.

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