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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wheres my bailout plan?

Well okay some times I admit I do over spend at the art store and I have tendency to eat (some times healthy) but I'm not irresponsible I just have an addiction to making art.

This said, I am announcing that congress has decided not to bail me out of any financial stress I may be experiencing (to my surprise!) Instead the government has opted to give the bankers of this country a hand and send them on some fabulous spa retreats where they will receive some much needed facials(no pun intended).

But as I understand the DOD has been taking some interest in my work and perhaps they will add some of my paintings to there brilliant collection lets see how that turns out.

On a more serious note I have been hard at work at some of my projects. I have made it to 88 paintings for the studio reception and the piece for the Milwaukee Show is going very well. And now that we have been connected upstairs I plan to be more consistent with the blog and all other postings.

Today was a very interesting day I got up a bit later 9'ish and attended a luncheon at the Union league of Chicago. There was a very good panel discussion concerning the fostering of community of Chicago based artists moderated by James Yood who has been an the art scene and writing about it for years. The Artist Vera Clement made some very valid points about the churning out of artist from art schools such as the art institute of Chicago and how is the world going to absorb these new artists. I guess that statement could be read many different ways but I know one thing these new Artists better be prepared to face a challenge and I do hope that the new generations of Artist find success. I have to say I was very surprised to see some artists get up and leave during this discussion maybe they had better things to do (or somewhere else to promote themselves).

Anyway for now here are the things I look forward to in the next couple of weeks. Cleaning up the studio, going to a panel discussion on "The Collector" which my good friend Patric McCoy will be participating in, finishing "the" presentation, finishing number 100, Hyde Park Art Center Exhibit, and of course "party time" at the studio! (don't forget Artists need bailouts too)

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