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Support The Arts today!
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What an incredible two weeks

It started last week with the great opening at the HPAC and after an exhausting week of preparation it continued into this week end for the Bridgeport Art Walk.

I wish Artist were treated as well as we all were at the opening for the "Not Just Another Pretty Face" opening it was unbelievable I really want to thank Patric McCoy for commissioning me for this great exhibit and of course every one at the HPAC for putting on this show.

The Bridgeport Art Walk was a continuation of all that great energy. It was great to hear some one say that they felt great positive energy at the opening reception.

I want to thank D. P. for all her hard work I also would like to thank Jspar and Manu for really being there to help put the studio together as well as Joey J and Fernski.

With all that being said goodnight and I hope to see all of you again.

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