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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

This is just to important to talk around but I am just amazed at how my fellow citizens can ignore reality and buy into all the hype. Is it that we are afraid of the "boogey man" or is it the other thing you know the thing we will not discuss because its not "PC".

Well thats it if we can't see past all the crap its a sad day to call yourself an American, I mean are we safer with Russian bombers stationed in Venezuela? Is are hard earned money working for us when banks are collapsing? Are we better off with a weaker dollar? and of course all the CEO's are making off with huge pay days so at least we can rest assured that even though Mr. McCain can't remember how many houses he has at least he can relate with that upper 2% that so badly need those tax breaks that the other 98% will never see.

Oh fuck it, where did I get the idea that we are all supposed to be equal in this country. Maybe I should just lower my ideal by all means why should we the people of this country stand in the way of these "great Americans".

Thats it, now I will get back to work after all I still have my dream and its only going to as well as I make it go.

I hope that some you have been able to go over to SCC to take a look at the exhibit that I have hanging. I have been invited to participate in a great exhibit in Carbondale, IL so more and more the work I am doing is being accepted so that feels great I know theres a whole lot of work still to be done but never the less its always gives you a boost to be included.

Thats enough for today for now I hope we can take a dose of reality and see through this hype.

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