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Sunday, October 14, 2007

October Artist Celebration

First of all I would like to thank every one that helped us have a very successful studio event special thanks to Manu and O.S. and of course D.P. also to Nuevo Leon Restaurant for their generous donation of delicious appetizers. I would post pic's from the event but the camera never had a chance to get out of the bag. I can say that even though the weather was sweltering we had a lot of guests and people seemed to be very comfortable hanging out which of course makes me very happy.

And now I am getting ready for Milwaukee and Santa Fe. I am almost done with the piece for
Milwaukee I have changed the content and have dedicated the Altar to the memory of Sgt. Omar
Mora who had the courage to speak out and question the policies of this administration and know he has perished. To me that speaks of the deterioration of the constitution of this country.

Well that is all I have say for now, here is something I have been working on.

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